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Take advantage of our state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing tools and competitive pricing. Send us your ready-to-print files with pre-made artwork and we’ll print the product to your specifications.




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We aim to be your business partner with professional services from start to finish. Our state-of-art, in-house manufacturing presses make it possible to deliver unique, flexible solutions for every client. You dream it, we design and print it. There are no limits to what we can achieve together.

At Tellus Design, you aren’t limited to shopping a stock catalogue of lazy designs or personalizing the same outdated packaging concepts that your competitors use. Stand out and define your brand with paper products, industrial packaging, and creative designs that are tailored to you. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices while maintaining and curating beautiful design.

From the initial concept to the final processing, we go beyond the norm to offer eco-friendly, smart solutions with competitive pricing and quality.  We are your reliable partner and one-stop shop for all printing and packaging.  Simply provide the products and we’ll take care of the rest with expert team members in design, packaging, and printing. To make it easy, we offer three simple ways to work with us: 

Design Support


How it works

- Fill out a simple form telling our designers what you'd like

- Send over any images, logos or text you want to include

- Let our creative team do the thinking for you and unleash the possibilities for your business




Traditional Offset Lithography


We support both traditional offset lithography and digital printing. Offset printing technology uses plates, usually made from aluminum, which are used to transfer an image onto a rubber "blanket", and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. It's called offset because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper. Offset printing is the best choice when larger quantities are needed, and provides accurate color reproduction, and crisp, clean professional looking printing. 

Digital Printing - Small Order & High efficiency

The increased demand for short run printing, arguably the most significant trend in the world of global printing, continues to force commercial print operations to reimagine your business. It offer print quality comparable to offset. 


Design Support

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Choose from our existing professional templates to meet your fast business. Tailor-made logo design for your starting business. Tell us if you have any special needs.


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